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Limbourg and its surroundings

The village of Limbourg in history and in pictures

A word of history …

From 1033, a castle dominated the valley. This is an alleu the related county rights extend in the country of Liège and to the abbey of Saint-Trond.

Waleran-Udon acquires this place and builds a powerful village which will experience a long series of devastation, fires and reconstructions over the centuries that will follow.

The title of Capital of the Duchy and the assured refuge that constitutes this reputedly impregnable fortress, the ardor of its dukes, and the interminable conflicts of the Middle Ages will earn the City many seats. For 6 centuries, the noise of cannons is the daily life of the inhabitants.

The greatest captains in history besieged the fortress: Henry IV of Germany in 1101, the princes of Orange in 1577, Alexander Farnese in 1578, the pincer of Condé in 1675 and the Duke of Malborough in 1703.

In the 18th century, the fortress was decommissioned. Limbourg then built its current history made of calm, sheltered by its walls.

Label “Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia”

Close to the Gileppe dam and the Hertogenwald (forest of the dukes), Limbourg will not fail to pique the curiosity of visitors thanks to the development of this ancient stronghold. This country town has fully retained its charm of yesteryear as well as its remarkable architectural heritage.

Arriving at Place Saint-Georges, now listed as a major heritage site of Wallonia, visitors cannot fail to be enchanted by the 18th century atmosphere as well as by the picturesque little alleys and the cobbled square of the Vesdre.

In addition, the 15th century Gothic-style Saint Georges church (under restoration) is another point of interest on the promenade which continues along the ramparts and offers a magnificent view of the Vesdre valley, the Plateau de Herve and the villages of Bilstain, Dolhain, Goé and Saint-Lambert church in the village of Goé is also a remarkable site thanks to its 12th century Roman baptismal font and colorful stained glass windows.

Activities in the region

Limbourg is an ideal place to enjoy a green region nestled at the foot of the Hautes Fagnes and the Gileppe dam. Many activities are available there.

Hikes, Trails

Hikes, Trails

Near the Dragon Limbourg

The city of Limbourg lists around ten walks on its site. The distance of these varies between 5 and 10 km. Regarding the duration, you can count between 2 and 4 four hours. We recommend that you download the OpenRunner application to easily follow the route. See the walks.

Outside Limbourg

You can enjoy many treks outside of Limbourg. 

Le barrage de la Gileppe (6km from Dragon Limbourg)

The high Fens (20km from Dragon Limbourg)

Sports Activities

Sports Activities

Trails & Running

Visit the Extra Trail website for the most beautiful trails in the region.

The Lac de la Gileppe loop (13km)


Starting at the barrage de la Gileppe (17.6km)

Trou Malbrouck (26km)



Near the Dragon Limbourg

La Brasserie Saint-GeorgesBrasserie, tea-room
Place Saint-Georges 31

– La PivoineThai and Chinese
Rue Guillaume Maisier 28 – 4830 Limbourg
087 31 31 10

– Au Délice de SiannaSandwiches
Rue de l’église 16 – 4801 Stembert
0498 75 74 42

– Brasserie MurraysBrasserie
Place Léon d’Andrimont 47 – 4830 Limbourg
087 76 68 76

Outside Limbourg

You’ll find plenty of options in the region of Verviers.